SwyxWare v6.20 Maintenance Pack 1 (kb4109)

Die Information in diesem Artikel betrifft die folgenden Produkte:

  • SwyxWare v6.20
  • SwyxFax Server v6.20

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Swyx stellt SwyxWare v6.20 Maintenance Pack 1 zur Verfügung.

Um festzustellen, welchen Versionsstand sie auf Ihrem System installiert haben, klicken Sie auf den "Nach Updates suchen" Link in der SwyxWare Administration oder klicken Sie den entsprechenden Produktupdates-Link bei den Supportinformationen zu SwyxWare im Software-Applet der Systemsteuerung.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die allgemeinen Hinweise zu einem Maintenance Pack in dem folgenden Knowledgebase Artikel:


Das Maintenance Pack 1 beinhaltet die folgenden Komponenten: 

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie zur vollständigen Installation des Maintenance Packs alle aufgelisteten Komponenten aktualisieren müssen.

Zur Installation führen Sie die jeweilige Datei setup.msi aus und folgen Sie den Anweisungen des Installationsassistenten.

Wenn Sie bereits folgende Änderung nach KB-Artikel 4081

Jahr 2010 Problem bei Datumsansagen (kb4081)

konfiguriert haben nehmen Sie das zusätzlich eingefügte Template nach der Installation des Mainenance Packs wieder aus der Datenbank heraus.

Es wurden in Maintenance Pack 1 folgende Probleme behoben (nur in Englisch verfügbar):

Swyx Server

  • Improve support of ip800 SIP firmware
  • Confusing display on ip800 handsets after call transfer : use  XXX or configured name if connected name is suppressed
  • Speed-up address resolution  under heavy load to avoid ISDN timeouts
  • Swyx00020936: Disconnect of a call during transfer causes access violations in IpPbxSrv
  • Swyx00022003: Some MEM calls are not disconnected because of Transaction ID which is given twice
  • Swyx00022194: It's not possible to retrieve NonDeliverableCallsNumber via script interface
  • Swyx00022177: OriginationName in CDR is empty or wrong when calling party has no public number and number is suppressed
  • Swyx00022302: Server throws std::exception on concurrent call of SNumberConv::InitNumConv()
  • Swyx00022312: No ALERTING tone in case of Vanity dial via Operator script
  • Swyx00022328: Phone call list entry not written on parallel group call after call transfer of external call
  • Swyx00022615: endless call retry if a name from the PBX phonebook has been dialled
  • Swyx00022688: CDS API method GetCurrentUserDevices is using the RowCache for no reason
  • Swyx00022792: Wrong CalledNumber in CDR in case of unconditional call forwarding
  • Swyx00022855: IpPbxSrv process triggers watchdog on hunt group call retry
  • Swyx00022887: No media streaming when Notification call has been picked up and parallel call is involved
  • Swyx00022149: Suppress DTMF info requests to SIP AudioCodes and other TAs if DTMF info originated from SwyxGate
  • Swyx00023165: Server dump if SIP entity configuration is not available for a SIP call
  • Swyx00023729: Useless number is shown if external call _without number_ is transfered via BCT
  • Swyx00023876: SwyxServer dumps in case if queue time announcement is played and call is disconnected in this moment
  • Swyx00022328: No phone call list entry on parallel group call after call transfer of external call 
  • Swyx00022339: It is not possible to send keypad information elements via via SIP Gateway trunk.
  • Swyx00023041: If an Ascom DECT (SIP) device initiates a transfer the target device cannot put the call on hold anymore
  • Swyx00023148: SwyxServer leaks memory when calendar-based callrouting is used
  • Swyx00023602: If Parallel-Call is used, CDR contains no information about the number
  • Swyx00023613: AudioCodes using firmware v5.60A.020.006 cannot receive T.38 fax
  • Swyx00023617: IpPbxSrv may be dumped by WatchDog after restart of IpPbxCDSService
  • Swyx00023619: No hold music at origination call after second call transfer
  • Swyx00023896: User unfriendly behavior in case of vanity dial via operator script
  • Swyx00023897: server crashes when an ad hoc conference with MORE than three participians is initiated
  • Swyx00023898: wrong license information for conference feature

 Swyx Gate

  • Support ISDN driver v7.0
  • Support ISDN transmission quality monitoring (requires ISDN driver v7.0)
  • Support PCM bus switching (requires ISDN driver v7.0)
  • Swyx00022167: No media streaming when incoming external call is forwarded to another external party if ISDN Controller runs in NT mode
  • Swyx00022188: Every change on a trunk (equal what kind) leads to an error message in the Gateway trace
  • Swyx00022264: Gateway service does not stop if H.323 registration is rejected after gateway start
  • Swyx00022285: Sometimes sending fax with multiple pages fails
  • Swyx00022372: Creating data connection via dummy-data-user from pstn to internal s0 does not work
  • Swyx00022002: Not possible to switch off DTMF detection via registry
  • Swyx00023138: Sending fax from SwyxWare with SwxyConnect to another SwyxWare with Audiocodes does not work
  • Swyx00023196: Disconnect of ISDN calls is sometimes resulting in access violation and gateway dumps
  • Swyx00023101: No faxtransmission with 3rd party faxapplication via internal S0 to PSTN possible
  • Swyx00023197: Data-/Modemtransmission does not work in case of call from internal S0 to PSTN
  • Swyx00023890: Fix problem of lost CAPI controller handling in case of H.323 registration loss
  • Swyx00023900: SwyxGate throws an access violation during endurance test


  • Swyx00022249: Voicemails could not be listen on GMX IMAP4 StreamProxy Mail Server
  • Swyx00022683: Base64 encoded subject of emails in IMAP4 mailboxes causes server to dump

Phone Manager

  • Swyx00021737: Bad sound when speaker is activated (hands free mode)
  • Swyx00021845: L640: Caller list doesn't show entries
  • Swyx00021974: CalledPartyName resp. ConnectedName not properly overwritten by call duration on L4xx and L5xx phones
  • Swyx00021975: Searching in phonebook with many entries on an L640 is very uncomfortable
  • Swyx00022023: Danish: Special character Ø looks like 0 on the OpenStage phones
  • Swyx00022034: Handle leak in PhoneManager process while running log on/off endurance test
  • Swyx00022050: PhoneManager dumps becoming passive in a StandBy scenario
  • Swyx00022185: media streaming gets broken after a late disconnect and usage of line keys
  • Swyx00022186: Dialing from lists does not work with line keys if the pressed line is not the selected one.
  • Swyx00022217: Key module labels are empty after user re-logon
  • Swyx00022284: Icelandic character are not displayed
  • Swyx00022301: L6xx: The second LAN port is disabled by default
  • Swyx00022886: Notification sound after timed out blind call transfer is cut off in case of L6xx phone
  • Swyx00022909: Labels in keymodule remain blank after reconnect of the L6xx phone and automatic logon
  • Swyx00023103: A call is disconnected if the handset piece is hooked on while the call is in the headset.
  • Swyx00023116: No media streaming after hook off on SwyxPhone
  • Swyx00023189: Call history entries are not updated properly in combination with CTI
  • Swyx00023369: If SwyxPhone hooks off when a call on Line2 comes in while blind call transfer is progress the bct call is accepted
  • Swyx00023524: The ringing tone for a call coming back from BCT, is sometimes truncated
  • Swyx00023888: It is not possible to create a new call while a BCT is running on another line
  • Swyx00023291: Openstage 640: search in (global) phone takes very very long
  • Swyx00023455: Labels in keymodule remain blank after reconnect of the phone and automatic logon

Link Manager

  • Swyx00022696: SDP "o=" line is not correctly updated (incremented) in case of T38 ReInvite to improve combability to certain SIP providers
  • Swyx00023600: Inbound DTMF information does not work correctly with some SIP providers (information gets doubled)
  • Improve stability on reception of malformed H.323 messages

CDS Service

  • Swyx00023007: Race Condition in LicenseManager (CDS) can cause loss of Standby License
  • Swyx00023161: FlowControl will fail if PerformanceCounter Config is invalid.
  • Swyx00023072: Possible deadlock may occur in GetFirmwareEnum after WSE error

Queue Manager

  • Swyx00021364: Queue Script Error cancels call

Fax Server

  • Swyx00023860: Faxforwardings via e-mail are not possible because of an SMTP buffer error
  • Swyx00023899: SMTP Authentication does not work with SwyxFaxServer
  • Swyx00023564: Undeliverable emails cause new undeliverable emails


  • Swyx00023903: Use Browse Button in IFBSetup on Standby or Master will crash IFSetup on 2008
  • Swyx00023883: Overlapped dialing fails on internal calls under special conditions
  • Swyx00022403: Danish emergency number 114 should be added to NumberFormatProfiles.config
  • Add Netherlands special numbers 112, 114x, 116x and 118x to NumberFormatProfiles.config



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