SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2 (kb3599)

Die Information in diesem Artikel betrifft die folgenden Produkte:

  • SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2
  • SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxWare CD v6.02
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.02
  • SwyxIt! v6.02
  • SwyxFax Server v6.02
  • SwyxWare v6.02

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Swyx stellt SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2 zur Verfügung.

Um festzustellen, welchen Versionsstand sie auf Ihrem System installiert haben, klicken Sie auf den "Nach Updates suchen" Link in der SwyxWare Administration oder klicken Sie den entsprechenden Produktupdates-Link bei den Supportinformationen zu SwyxWare im Software-Applet der Systemsteuerung.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die allgemeinen Hinweise zu einem Maintenance Pack in den folgenden Knowledgebase Artikeln:


Das Maintenance Pack 2 beinhaltet die folgenden Komponenten:

  • SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2
  • SwyxIt! v6.02 Maintenance Pack 2
  • SwyxFax Server 6.02 Maintenance Pack 2

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie zur vollständigen Installation des Maintenance Packs alle aufgelisteten Komponenten aktualisieren müssen.

Maintenance Packs für SwyxWare Version v5.0 oder neuer werden in Form von Microsoft Windows-Installer basierten Patches ausgeliefert. Dies hat folgende Vorteile:

  • Kein manueller Austausch einzelner Dateien nötig.
  • Dienste werden automatisch gestoppt und gestartet.
  • Einfache Erkennung des Maintenance Pack-Standes durch eindeutige Versionsnummer.
  • Maintenance Packs können, falls nötig, einfach wieder deinstalliert werden.
  • Deutlich kleinere Downloads.

Zur Installation führen Sie die Datei setup.msp aus und folgen Sie den Anweisungen des Installationsassistenten.

Der Knowledgebase Artikel

beschreibt die in Maintenance Pack 1 gelösten Probleme. Zusätzlich wurden in Maintenance Pack 2 folgende Probleme behobe (nur in Englisch verfügbar):


  • Swyx00017785
    ChannelCounting problem in case of incoming SwyxLink call and parallel call to an unallocated external number.
  • Swyx00017835
    Exception:WSE101 on SwyxGate after switch over due to active server PC restart.
  • Swyx00017937
    CDS can not handle corrupt windows timezone configuration.
  • Swyx00018007
    DB Maintenance user will not be created after restoring database with ConfigWiz.
  • Swyx00018072
    Only one database maintenance access will be configured on IFB systems. Two are required.
  • Swyx00017407
    Trunk is not selected for outgoing call, because SwyxServer thinks the dialed number is configured on the trunk.
  • Swyx00017191
    If user has more than 10 NTAccounts, the admin fails showing the user view.
  • Swyx00015923
    Media streams are absent when call is transfered (BCT) from SwyxPhone to D300 and this call is secondary for D300.
  • Swyx00015948
    SwyxDECT 800 disconnects incoming call after SwyxServer was killed.
  • Swyx00017945
    Secondary call on D2/300: It is not possible to put the SwyxDect-User on hold.
  • Swyx00017789
    Call transfer on a second line to SwyxDECT800 user fails -> no mediastreaming.
  • Swyx00018068
    Voicemail reply is not fetched by remote inquiry when using Exchange Server 2007.
  • Swyx00018304
    Some faxtransmissions are unreliable - only partial pages received or faxtransmission fails at all
  • Swyx00016991
    Recognition URI generation does not work if only a single phone number is assigned to a SIP trunk.
  • Swyx00017129
    SwyxPhone Lxx: transfer destination does not display name of transferee.
  • Swyx00015998
    Blind call transfer to SwyxPhone switch on speaker and microphone automatically.
  • Swyx00016005
    Fake number configuration is lost when line button is disabled and enabled on CTI controlled SwyxPhone.
  • Swyx00015986
    Mediastreaming is playbacked in SwyxPhone speaker if CTI-SwyxIt! clicks on Line in state "Dialing (internal)".
  • Swyx00017946
    PhoneManager dumps on TCP-Connection timeout issue with firewalls.
  • Swyx00018369
    PhoneManager process disappears pressing # and 9 within a second in the phonebook menu.
  • Swyx00016404
    SwyxGate is killed by watchdog during stress test.
  • Swyx00017834
    No reconnect from gateway, when disconnecting via Administration.
  • Swyx00018344
    WSE101 exception after switch over on separately installed SwyxGate.
  • Swyx00017771
    Some faxtransmissions are unreliable - only partial pages received or faxtransmission fails at all.
  • Swyx00017607
    PRI line not registered when two lines get L1 actived at the same time.
  • Swyx00016448
    H.323 tracing is continuously adding white spaces or zeros.
  • Swyx00018216
    Gateway will not use device I/O interface if first CAPI controller is > 1 by using SX card ID jumper.
  • Swyx00017215
    AC thrown in SLicenseResourceManager::RecalcLicenseCount().
  • Swyx00017645
    Permanent license file not accepted when no HD id present.
  • Swyx00015395
    Unexpected call notification for group call.
  • Swyx00015945
    Standby: standby functionality of a Swyxware service stops until restart of the service.
  • Swyx00016474
    Strange calling party number in case of incoming call from PSTN via SwyxConnect to SwyxWare with number suppression.
  • Swyx00016506
    reINVITE with full SDP does not work with SIP-Gateway trunks.
  • Swyx00016595
    No caller list entry in case of PlaySound / ConnectTo script to sequential group if all group members are logged off.
  • Swyx00016737
    Remote inquiry offers to speak with caller for the case of notice.
  • Swyx00017020
    Errormessages in server trace: sql database deadlock.
  • Swyx00017729
    Detection if script is in filecache fails in case of many incoming calls at the same time.
  • Swyx00017754
    BusyInfoRequest times out during endurance test with SIP Blaster.
  • Swyx00017760
    SIP race condition in IpPbxSrv may cause hanging call on SwyxIt!
  • Swyx00018003
    Access violation during stress test.
  • Swyx00016801
    Right profile is not applied for sub-PBX users.
  • Swyx00015959
    No busy tone at fax device connected to AudioCodes if late disconnect is done on ISDN.
  • Swyx00016439
    Calls are not delivered to destination for undeliverable calls in Austria.
  • Swyx00015850
    Wrong caller list entry when using "WaitForDisconnect" block after a "ConnectTo" block.
  • Swyx00016796
    Calls via proxy to pass symmetric NAT router do not work.
  • Swyx00018008
    User with many internal numbers produces high load on subscription to this user.
  • Swyx00017708
    Server does not call DecrChannelCount if Sub-PBX user is busy and if calling party initiates callback on busy.
  • Swyx00017884
    Calls stucks in case of PlaySound and subsequent ConnectTo to group without logged in users.
  • Swyx00017211
    Script hangs after ConnectTo an unallocated number.
  • Swyx00018084
    IpPbxCDSService.exe seem to consume memory when PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress is called repeatedly.
  • Swyx00018258
    Access violation thrown on script ending after GetDTMFChar script action and subsequent call transfer.
  • Swyx00017182
    Group call looping until server dump, when trying to establish a call to a 'busy' group (special case).
  • Swyx00016802
    Gateway looses registration after short load peak of server.
  • Swyx00017028
    Importing a SwyxWare 6.02 database into SwyxWare 6.02 MP1 installation fails.
  • Swyx00018086
    Standby: if MSDE is not installed within the default folder then replication can not be configured.
  • Swyx00017210
    Update: Exception during 'Reading configuration from SwyxConfigDataStore' step.
  • Swyx00013870
    H.323 device registers serveral times at SwyxServer.
  • Swyx00015934
    SwyxDECT 800 takes a lot of time until reregister after SwyxServer process was killed.
  • Swyx00017698
    Call routing information is truncated in SwyxPhone D200/D300 displays.
  • Swyx00017847
    SwyxDECT 800: Handsets do not show alerted name.
  • Swyx00016808
    Dect Handsets displayed the wrong number after transfer.
  • Swyx00016826
    No early tones on SwyxDECT 800 handsets using particular mobile phone service providers.
  • Swyx00015915
    There is case when IFB configuration set gateway for SwyxPhones to forever.
  • Swyx00014251
    SwyxPhone displays incorrect status after logon.
  • Swyx00017022
    Overlapped dialing with swyxphone shows only first two digits in the phone display.
  • Swyx00015919
    SwyxPhone user hears no dialtone if alternative public line access prefix has been dialed.
  • Swyx00016451
    SwyxGate responds with PROGRESS on incoming call.
  • Swyx00017245
    AOC information is not forwarded to Sub-PBX.
  • Swyx00010848
    Number Type is not set correctly.
  • Swyx00010849
    Number Plan information is not interpreted by server in case of incoming SwyxGate calls.
  • Swyx00011319
    Voicemail break out to operator does not work.
  • Swyx00012231
    Wrong CalledPartyName displayed for group calls forwarded by scriptuser
  • Swyx00012272
    Mediastreaming fails on DTMF input during connectto in auto attendant script.
  • Swyx00012274
    SwyxPhone which is blind call transfer destination displays XXX instead of calling party.
  • Swyx00012287
    It is not possible to connectto group extensions via auto attendant.
  • Swyx00012301
    Auto attendant announcement is not played complete if announcement repetitions is set to '0'.
  • Swyx00012794
    Auto attendant script does not connect to group.
  • Swyx00013055
    Connect to "random" group where not all members are logged in does not work randomly.
  • Swyx00013068
    Different number conversion (wrong calling party number), when using TG selection prefix of a trunk at 2nd location entry.
  • Swyx00013373
    PBXCall.CallingDeviceType property does not return all known device types.
  • Swyx00013789
    Disconnecting a group call takes 7 seconds if group contains 50 users.
  • Swyx00013873
    SwyxServer throws an access violation after installation of MaintenancePack.
  • Swyx00013893
    Wrong Active Call duration and Caller List entries by Daylight saving change.
  • Swyx00014007
    Redirecting device displays incorrect status of call destination.
  • Swyx00014256
    Call deflection does not work correct at SwyxIt!.
  • Swyx00014332
    Server deos not call DecrChannelCount in case of strange dialled address.
  • Swyx00014380
    Server disconnects call but call remains in Active Calls if ConnectTo/PlaySound action is executed before CallQueue blocks.
  • Swyx00015403
    OriginationNumber and OriginationName of CDR is empty if user hooks off and on.
  • Swyx00015949
    There is no ringing tone at call originator while parallel call.
  • Swyx00016392
    Server does not deliver call to internal party if parallel call is configured and if pre-processing forces ALERT.
  • Swyx00016793
    Wrong connected number/name will be displayed if SwyxPhone accepts group call from a SwyxIt.
  • Swyx00017583
    CDS Exception is thrown in ResolveAddress because Server calls CDS method with a negativ index.
  • Swyx00017971
    Server generates memory dump due to dead Threads during endurance test.
  • Swyx00017976
    Server generates EventLog message if Autologin is disabled for SwyxPhone.
  • Swyx00013400
    Different number signalling when calling a device behind a SwyxLink with or without trunk group selction prefix.
  • Swyx00016531
    Server disconnects call if member of sequential group is busy.
  • Swyx00016495
    Entering RI not possible in case of delayed redirection to voicemail if parallel call is enabled.
  • Swyx00017276
    Originating call unexpected disconnected after ConnectTo script action if hunt group is busy.
  • Swyx00017551
    AOC-E chargind information not received if SwyxIt! or other SIP client disconnectes external call.
  • Swyx00017329
    Overlap dialing #xxx global abbreviated number failes with 'NoResolution'.
  • Swyx00017632
    Modifying phone call list entry via script does not work as expected.
  • Swyx00015376
    Wrong connected number/name will be displayed if SwyxPhone picks up a call from a SwyxIt.
  • Swyx00018213
    SwSIP writes error message where no error occurred.


  • Swyx00017061
    SwyxIt! hangs if disconnected from DECT headset H380.
  • Swyx00013058
    No echo suppression after parallel call.
  • Swyx00017677
    Sound device not working after Suspend / Hibernate on Vista.
  • Swyx00015852
    Crash of SwyxIt! Services during logoff in case of Remote Session.
  • Swyx00017576
    Status of speed dial key changes from "busy" to "logged off" after requesting a callback on busy.
  • Swyx00017675
    P250 not detected correctly when disabling User Account Control.
  • Swyx00018030
    Special case when wrong connected number/name will be displayed if SwyxIt! initiates call.
  • Swyx00016791
    After a passive call transfer SwyxIt! doesn't show XXX as remote party name.
  • Swyx00017612
    Name resolution with Lotus Notes does not work for internal numbers.
  • Swyx00017401
    Caller list contains SIP URIs with GUID if calling party has no internal number.
  • Swyx00017260
    Incorrect hint of button "Callback" in SwyxIt!.

 SwyxWare Administration

  • Swyx00017071
    Unresovable SIDs in NTAccount list of an user will be changed to BUILTIN\BUILTIN account.
  • Swyx00018265
    Installation package contains old IpPbxScriptSign.dll.

SwyxFax Server

  • Swyx00017595
    Some channels may remain in "sending" or "receiving" state if SwyxFax Server is under heavy load
  • Swyx00017903
    FaxServer will ignore all UDP packets from wrong destinations
  • Swyx00017231
    SwyxFax Server should support additional parameter for Maximum Call Duration limitation (MaxCallDuration and MaxT38Inactivity)
  • Swyx00016825
    FaxServer delivers fax to wrong extension (e.g. 43 and 943)
  • Swyx00016364
    Fax is lost if no SMTP server is configured


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