SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1 (kb3415)

Die Information in diesem Artikel betrifft die folgenden Produkte:

  • SwyxWare CD v6.02
  • SwyxWare v6.02

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Swyx stellt SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1 zur Verfügung.

Aktueller Hinweis: bei einer Installation des v6.02 MP1 in Österreich ist unbedingt folgender Knowledgebase Artikel im Swyx Partner Net zu beachten. Sollten Sie keinen Zugang zum Swyx Partner Net haben, wenden Sie sich bitte umgehend an Ihren Swyx Händler.

Um festzustellen, welchen Versionsstand sie auf Ihrem System installiert haben, klicken Sie auf den "Nach Updates suchen" Link in der SwyxWare Administration oder klicken Sie den entsprechenden Produktupdates-Link bei den Supportinformationen zu SwyxWare im Software-Applet der Systemsteuerung.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die allgemeinen Hinweise zu einem Maintenance Pack in den folgenden Knowledgebase Artikeln:


Das Maintenance Pack 1 beinhaltet die folgenden Komponenten:

  • SwyxWare v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxWare Administration v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1
  • SwyxIt! v6.02 Maintenance Pack 1
  • Swyx ISDN SX2 Treiber v6.0.2.28

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie zur vollständigen Installation des Maintenance Packs alle aufgelisteten Komponenten aktualisieren müssen.

Maintenance Packs für SwyxWare Version v5.0 oder neuer werden in Form von Microsoft Windows-Installer basierten Patches ausgeliefert. Dies hat folgende Vorteile:

  • Kein manueller Austausch einzelner Dateien nötig.
  • Dienste werden automatisch gestoppt und gestartet.
  • Einfache Erkennung des Maintenance Pack-Standes durch eindeutige Versionsnummer.
  • Maintenance Packs können, falls nötig, einfach wieder deinstalliert werden.
  • Deutlich kleinere Downloads.

Zur Installation führen Sie die Datei setup.msp aus und folgen Sie den Anweisungen des Installationsassistenten.

In Maintenance Pack 1 werden folgende Probleme behoben (nur in Englisch verfügbar):


  • Swyx00014589
    Wrong CallerID in Voicemail when forwarding a voicemail via remote inquiry.
  • Swyx00014297
    Certain numbers in Germany cannot be reached from Switzerland.
  • Swyx00014419
    Call dialed per overlap sending is routed to trunk although dialed number should be terminated.
  • Swyx00014903
    There is case when it isn't possible to delete user on IFB configuration.
  • Swyx00015252
    It is possible that changes in user configuration will not be notified by the server directly. (DefaultFwd etc.).
  • Swyx00015447
    Trunk enumeration fails if a remotely managed SwyxLink is changed to locally managed.
  • Swyx00015897
    SQL Server (MSDE) causes heavy cpu load.
  • Swyx00015066
    CDSClient maps the same computer name to two differrent IpAddresses.
  • Swyx00013889
    Call transfer with IP600 fails - call disconnect faster than call transfer instruction.
  • Swyx00015382
    Attaching media streaming takes too long in case of PlaySound/ConnectTo script if destination is external party.
  • Swyx00015427
    SwyxServer does sometimes not forward the DTMF infos in case they are sent very early after start of connections.
  • Swyx00015537
    No outgoing T.38 fax calls from innovaphone IP21 possible.
  • Swyx00015826
    Dialing out via overlapped sending failed using a NT mode connection to a subPBX.
  • Swyx00014199
    Privacy header not containing 'id' disturbs correct decoding.
  • Swyx00014507
    Incorrect file name for recorded conversation via SwyxLink.
  • Swyx00014620
    LinkMgr: Access Violation when getting about 300 incoming calls.
  • Swyx00014941
    It is not possible to use the LinkMgr on a remote station.
  • Swyx00015254
    Recording file name is generated with invalid characters if a SIP URI is transmitted as calling party.
  • Swyx00015343
    User hears no Late B3 disconnect tones because LinkManager releases RTP ports.
  • Swyx00015384
    Faxtransmission via INode SIP Trunk is unreliable during transmission of multiple pages.
  • Swyx00015534
    SwyxLinkMgr does sometimes not forward the DTMF infos in case they are sent very early after start of connections.
  • Swyx00015555
    Onesided mediastreaming in case of incoming call from SIP Provider Priority Telecom NL.
  • Swyx00015780
    Incoming SIP call fails via LinkMgr in case of "special" number suppression / RFC3325.
  • Swyx00015905
    LinkMgr: missing CNG T.38 info element in outgoing fax calls.
  • Swyx00003047
    L420-Phone cannot reject first call if you get two calls in the same time.
  • Swyx00011851
    No response to the user, when setting up a callback request using a SwyxPhone.
  • Swyx00012763
    SwyxPhone: you hear the wrong mediastream after a blind call transfer to an external number.
  • Swyx00014320
    PhoneMgr doesn't deliver a group (sequential) call correctly in case of a single user logged on.
  • Swyx00014901
    Mediastreaming is only switched after 10 seconds after a transfer to a swyxphone.
  • Swyx00014949
    Script property 'IsGroupOrUserBusy' delivers wrong result in case number to query is different from called number.
  • Swyx00015193
    One-way media streaming when accepting forwarded call (via drag & drop).
  • Swyx00015296
    PhoneManager dump after disconnecting all phones at once.
  • Swyx00015533
    Line is blocked for 2 seconds after an outgoing call.
  • Swyx00015892
    Impossible to accept 3rd call on SwyxPhone in case of call Signaling.
  • Swyx00015902
    SwyxPhone L520s: The label remain blank after a cold start.
  • Swyx00014622
    Magic strings "*24*2#" and "*24*3#" are not supported.
  • Swyx00014896
    SNMP: SwyxWare performance counters are not visible.
  • Swyx00015736
    SNMP OIDs are not visible to SNMP clients.
  • Swyx00014926
    SwyxGate does sometimes not detect DTMF tones if they are pressed very early after connect.
  • Swyx00015065
    Gateway do not use localhost to address CDS Service, if gateway runs locally.
  • Swyx00015941
    Trunk recording file name contains wrong number in some cases.
  • Swyx00012278
    It's not possible to disable secondary call for SIP devices.
  • Swyx00012985
    Call list entries are not written for ConnectTo devices after a PlaySound action.
  • Swyx00013895
    Missbehaviour in sip-stack, when initiating hold in alerting state (script already connected).
  • Swyx00013910
    Channel counter decrement without prio increment if ip600 hooks off and on.
  • Swyx00014013
    The SwyxPhone has no ringback tone if the callee uses the parallel call feature.
  • Swyx00014176
    SwyxServer AccessViolation after switch-over on passive server.
  • Swyx00014379
    Call stucks if two ConnectTo blocks contain special ALERTING tone.
  • Swyx00014442
    A call to group interrupts if one group member doesn't answer, but second member is busy.
  • Swyx00014444
    After recording new voicemail announcement the RI menu does not proceed.
  • Swyx00014567
    Caller list entry not written for picked-up call.
  • Swyx00014579
    Parallel call fails if parallel call device accepts call very fast.
  • Swyx00014837
    Call deflection does not work if call has been accepted via PlaySound before.
  • Swyx00014933
    Call notifications (SIP invites IPPBXCallType: 5) are sent to CTI-SwyxIt!.
  • Swyx00014934
    Call stucks if ConnectTo with activated Proceed with destination script option connects to user with immediate redirection.
  • Swyx00014988
    Calls starting with magic ## have the wrong external status.
  • Swyx00015005
    Swyxit! display shows unexpected calling party name, when caller initiates a call from remote inquiry script.
  • Swyx00015006
    Secondary call is delivered even if secondary call is disabled and first call is present.
  • Swyx00015025
    Server throws access violation in case of pressing ALT+F4 while active call on SwyxIt.
  • Swyx00015047
    SwyxIt! hangs in connecting state.
  • Swyx00015078
    Server generates minidump every 10min after RI.
  • Swyx00015113
    Sip user passwords should not been traced in plaintext.
  • Swyx00015199
    CDR not written on successfull outbound SIP trunk call because destination address and name are missing.
  • Swyx00015231
    No CallQueue announcement is heared after first connection attempt of trunk call with G.729 only.
  • Swyx00015242
    Call got stuck while COnnectTo loop to group number with announcements between connectTo attempts.
  • Swyx00015269
    Volume of music on hold files is not constant.
  • Swyx00015325
    MEM cannot signal the original callers number to the GSM phone.
  • Swyx00015346
    Incoming SIP calls via SIP links cannot be transferred via script action.
  • Swyx00015353
    Hunt group not working as expected if used with GSE CallQueue.
  • Swyx00015355
    ConnectTo with 'Proceed with destination script' fails if ConnectTo destination is user with immediate redirection to extern.
  • Swyx00015369
    Trunk device channel count not decremented on parallel call if internal device if logged off.
  • Swyx00015499
    Parallel call is canceled on accept with internal device due to codec mismatch if ISDN trunk is configured to G.729 only.
  • Swyx00015508
    SIP Messages are sent from the wrong IP address of FES if Virtuozzo instance has multiple IPs.
  • Swyx00015540
    Call is terminated after ConnectTo script action with unkown number if call was accepted by PlaySound before.
  • Swyx00015754
    Server does not route undeliverable calls to assgined number.
  • Swyx00015757
    Special dialstring for supplementary services not sent to gateway - keypad mode broken.
  • Swyx00015762
    If external number in CDR should be replaced by 'x', it is replaced by 128 'x'.
  • Swyx00015783
    Trunk device channel counter not decremented if parallel call causes two resolutions to trunk device within one ConnectTo.
  • Swyx00015799
    Caller list entry written for wrong user if call is passed through server by number routing entry.
  • Swyx00015803
    Trunk recording: allow ranges for auto numbers.
  • Swyx00015836
    Silence detection causes deadlocks and dumps.
  • Swyx00015840
    Outgoing calls through SIP provider are not possible.
  • Swyx00015883
    Status signaling fails when H.323 alias is identical to internal number.
  • Swyx00015898
    SwyxServer uses internal number when client dials user name.
  • Swyx00015900
    Server killed by watchdog when using a lot of phones + CTI.
  • Swyx00015981
    Call deflection works incorrect in case of configured parallel call.
  • Swyx00016008
    Server does not free memory on SwyxIt logon / logoff stress test.
  • Swyx00016032
    One way Conference does not work if initiated via ConnectTo block.
  • Swyx00016058
    Blind Call Transfer Timeout within SwyxServer is too short.
  • Swyx00014441
    It isn't possible to install IFB configuration with IpPbxBackup.



  • Swyx00007013
    Rules cannot be reordered in CRM, arrow buttons are disabled.
  • Swyx00007082
    Size of the CRM window is not remembered.
  • Swyx00009737
    Marked CRM rule after GSE cancel.
  • Swyx00010612
    File version tab of callroutingmgr.exe displays language German.
  • Swyx00012129
    The Open dialog don't save path in the Standard Voicemail.
  • Swyx00012130
    The Open dialog don't save path in the CRM.
  • Swyx00012825
    CRM should list custom specific ASE file as "sequence of action".
  • Swyx00014160
    CRM opens the Standard Forwarding properties if to try to activate this rule via checkbox.
  • Swyx00014843
    Call Forwarding Configuration tabs contain old style phonebook buttons.
  • Swyx00014844
    There are some old style buttons on 'Standard Voicemail' tab.
  • Swyx00014924
    Link for set parameter in decription of GSE action.
  • Swyx00014810
    Access violation if intruder holds and actives intrusion call.
  • Swyx00014835
    If SwyxIt is initiator of a conference, the redial button tooltip shows #conference#.
  • Swyx00015119
    Echo when using P250 in headset mode.
  • Swyx00015122
    SwyxIt! does not retry SIP Subscriptions if server is busy.
  • Swyx00015383
    Call will be disconnected if Swyxit! (Prefer compressed) will be holded.
  • Swyx00015832
    Wrong peer number if fake number is configured.
  • Swyx00015962
    SwyxIt! in Powerdial mode should not respond to windows session messages and should not use sound devices.
  • Swyx00016001
    P250 does not work on Vista when 2nd device was installed.
  • Swyx00012212
    Get DTMF string block with empty edit box.
  • Swyx00012247
    Error for disabled edit box.
  • Swyx00012339
    Enabled button after unmarked check box in the "Follow me"action.
  • Swyx00012343
    It is possible to close User List with OK without selected user.
  • Swyx00012360
    It is impossible to add two users in the To field in the "Send email" block.
  • Swyx00014015
    Get DTMF char block doesn't allow using variable to define option "Max detection time".
  • Swyx00014917
    There are some old style buttons in GSE dialog.
  • Swyx00015970
    Wrong timestamps in Outlook Journal.
  • Swyx00014382
    Delete button on keyboard doesn't work for personal phonebook.
  • Swyx00015318
    Blind Call Transfer takes too long because of trailing silence in "NotifyTransferring.wav".


SwyxWare Administration

  • Swyx00009712
    Button "New.." in Call Routing Manager -> Sequens of Actions dialog cannot be pressed in some situation.
  • Swyx00011946
    It should not be possible to configure twin-call at ConnectTo operation which do use 'Proceed with destinations call routing'.
  • Swyx00012966
    IMAP-Passwort can be discovered by hacker tools.
  • Swyx00013395
    Wrong title bar caption in parallel call settings.
  • Swyx00014566
    Loading of standard redirection settings fails for Operator and ConfMgr.
  • Swyx00009366
    GSE background not updated when resized over two monitors.
  • Swyx00012826
    Scripts in user directory are not shown in GSE-Block RunGSEAction.
  • Swyx00009318
    Missing dot in statusbar comment of Action | Connect to another Computer...
  • Swyx00010204
    It´s not possible to click "Check for updates" if scrollbar is used.
  • Swyx00010416
    SwyxWare directory can not be opened in mmc by selecting icon.
  • Swyx00011238
    Email Adress dialog is missing when adding a dummy user.
  • Swyx00011348
    Max calls values can be set to invalid combinations.
  • Swyx00011530
    SwyxWare Administration crashes when SwyxServer is stopped.
  • Swyx00011902
    It is possible to create descending number range for trunk that can't be used then.
  • Swyx00011975
    Add range operation isn't correct.
  • Swyx00012920
    In the New Trunk Wizard -> If first and last subscriber number have different length a strange error message occurs.
  • Swyx00012939
    Next button within Add new number mapping range must be disabled if no internal number is defined.
  • Swyx00013329
    Opening user properties takes too long if SwyxWare has approx. 1000 users.
  • Swyx00014502
    User properties changes are not applied.
  • Swyx00014777
    Not implemented DTMF methods can be configured via SwyxWare Admin for SIP Trunkgroups.
  • Swyx00015090
    SwyxCompact system - Admin counts FaxUser as user which occupies one license.


Swyx SX2 ISDN Driver

  • Swyx00014553
    Drivers shows two DualPRI boards are connected via PCM although they are not.
  • Swyx00015224
    The driver's GUI WAN page displays part of PCM clock settings.
  • Swyx00015417
    Memory leak when running NT and PtP mode.
  • Swyx00015419
    SENDING_COMPLETE is not included in CONNECT_IND message.


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